Balance in the human mind

I have been wondering around for some time about some of the reasons of why some… not very ethical individuals are able to use certain technology tools highly efficiently, but others with less harmful intentions cannot match the same skill level. A widely known example of this has been the use of radical groups of Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. Although naive, it is not strange to quickly think: ‘well, if some bad guys can do it, why not the good guys as well’.

How ideas spread

The origins of ideas, and how it is possible for them to spread around, is a topic that I think is probably more interesting that many people may think. At first sight, one may think that ideas just spread by people talking about it and that they grow if they find enough people that find the idea compelling. not differently as how a social network works, the more nodes it has (or people) the more value it is find inside.

Digital humans vs human interaction

Human – computer interaction studies the design and use of computers by users. This is an interdisciplinary subject where the main goal is to make technology easy to use. Nowadays, through the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, one possibility opens to designers: the replication of human to human interaction to use digital systems.

Asynchronous work

Currently, the raise of remote work due to the current COVID-19 pandemic has put some focus on discussions about how companies will deal with this situation. Main points suggested for business leaders is to look about the possibilities for the relocation of their workforce. Plenty of arguments point out all pros and cons, and as usual, there are multiple examples of success stories for all arguments.