My name is Silvino

I am an innovation manager. I specialize in projects related to immersive technologies. I have experience as a project leader and manager. My strength is to be a facilitator, creating a culture of creativity and innovation. In my work, I coordinate all steps and tasks necessary to make innovative experiences. From the short term to long strategic projects, I operate at all levels (corporate, team and individuals) to create the right culture.

Currently, I lead the Applications and Services team at Dimenco. The company develops world’s most advanced 3D display technology without glasses: Simulated Reality (SR). The team helps developers to create SR-ready software. Also, we create tools to enable people to use 3D content in SR devices. We use platforms like OpenVR, OpenXR, CloudXR and Omniverse, for example.  Our main focus is software development, with some smaller hardware-related projects.


Witness the awakening.

The Awakening Factory


The awakening factory is my personal project to share my interests, thoughts and experiences. It is also how I document my journey, and you are invited to take a look.

From advice to lead creative teams, to small tech projects. The factory focus on create innovation through better creative teams. Exploring immersive platforms and trying new developments for real-time applications.



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