My name is Silvino

And my goal is to deliver quality. I specialize in projects related to immersive technologies. I have experience as a project leader and manager. My strength is to be a facilitator and a creator of creativity and innovation team culture. In my work, I coordinate all steps and tasks necessary to make innovative experiences. From the short term to long strategic projects, I operate at all levels (corporate, team and individuals) to create the right culture.

Currently, I lead the Applications and Services team at Dimenco. The company develops world’s most advanced 3D display technology without glasses: Simulated Reality (SR). The team helps developers to create SR-ready software. Also, we create tools to enable people to use 3D content in SR devices. We use platforms like OpenVR, OpenXR, CloudXR and Omniverse, between many others.


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Because giving back is important, I also share my ideas, experiences and discoveries leading creative teams and getting done innovative projects.


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