I want you to be happier by performing better

Hello! my name is Silvino and I believe in a world where people find happiness through over-performing. My passion is to discover underlying issues and design systematical approaches so teams can focus on what is important: deliver the best quality.

Excellence demands hard work, period. Yet there is no reason for us to not enjoy the process of being our own best. I imagine a future where people is inspired and motivated to do hard work, performs as they best, and enjoy the rewards.

Why do I believe in such a future? it comes down to 2 topics that I feel passionate about:
1. Immersive technology and how it is applied to human beings to make us feel: advertising, movies, video games…
2. How the perception of human beings work. When we speak about technology, humans are a fine machine with amazing technology. I believe that our perception plays the role of a good and a bad guy, depending on the context.
Combining both: I believe that technology can modify the perception of human beings, so we can use its power to inspire us to achieve higher goals.

You can see my experience below. My journey began with a degree in Physics.. Then I work as a researched before moving to do PhD in microelectronics. That illustrates my curiosity in finding new problems and challenges to overcome (and between you an me, I like how ‘doctor’ sounds). Although the topic of my thesis will probably not tell you much, the central topic is to develop a procedure that helps researches to understand better luminescence emitting devices. As you can see, even my thesis focuses towards helping others to reach their goals.

Nowadays I work at Dimenco, where I started as an Optical scientist and learned quite a lot about making autostereoscopic displays (3D display without glasses). After 2 years learning how to make the best possible displays, I became the Head of Optics, which allows me to serve others so they can get better, and all together accomplish challenging objectives. A year later, I was promoted to the Head of Visualization, where my responsibilities involve on how the user will perceive our displays, from the optical design to the visual information being displayed.