Execute common sense

Let’s be clear: almost every idea that I write in the blog (if not all of them) come from reading, watching or listening others that have thought about the same before and had proof that their execution worked. The filtering I do is by a) follow my personal experience when possible, b) use the knowledge of people who did it before me, and last but not least c) use common sense.

Point a) belongs to my personal learning journey, the one that I try to improve every single day. Point b) refers to ‘steal like an artist‘ and learn from the experiences of others. If Newton stood on the shoulders of giants, I think that the rest should do the same. That opens a very interesting topic as well: who to follow, trust or learn from. which I will discuss in another post.

It is very common (and maybe this is happening to you), that when I put all my thoughts together and share them, the general answer is:
Well, it is difficult to disagree with your points.
Which usually leads to my following question:
– Sure, then why the performance good in all of them?

Yes, I know that all is common sense. Yes, I know that many of these are general ideas shared by almost everyone. The problem is that I also known that they are extremely difficult to execute, so a systematic approach is mandatory. An example also used by multiple people? how many people do know that eating healthy and doing exercise is good for you and how many people actually do the effort?

In general, it seems to me that people inside companies many times gets stuck in planning. Which makes sense because many of us (yes, I include myself) wants to have everything perfect from the beginning, Now, don’t get me wrong, planing is really important because it gives you an objective, a goal to reach. The issue is that planning alone does not get you where you want to go (see more here). And the search for perfection usually leads to inaction. Note that I strive for excellence, and not perfection (although sometimes the line is very blurry).

Also, planning usually feels like we are doing something, and usually leaves us with a feeling of accomplishment for the day. Which then does not last too much when we face the actual work.

That’s in my opinion the gap to overcome, where the difficult decisions and hard work have to be made: how are you going to execute what the common sense is telling you?

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