About me

My name is Silvino, and in this website I show you how to use technology to reach a new level for your entertainment.

Why do I have this website?
My passion is to use technology to create new ways for entertainment. I started many years ago building computers so I could enjoy playing videogames. Then I went further building a lighting set up that blinked with the music for a Christmas party with friends. Then the list goes on… home cinemas, more and more computers and battle stations… The thing is that I believe that technology offers several ways to create immersive experiences for ourselves or to be shared with our friends and family. This allows us to have a better time and forget for a moment the issues that life has, letting us to tackle them with stronger focus.

What do I do professionally?
I currently work at Dimenco as the Head of Optics. The company develops Simulated Reality using glasses free autostereoscopic 3D displays, eye tracking, hand tracking and haptic feedback. The optics team is in charge of designing the optical component of the displays that creates the 3D effect, characterize these optical components and the 3D performance of the display, and make the final calibration to obtain the best possible 3D effect.

Where do I come from?
I am Spanish, I was born in Langreo, Asturias, which is in the north of Spain. There has been a while since I don’t live there, though. I left the region in the early 2012 to go to Cork, Ireland with my wife to pursue further studies. After 4 and half years in the green island, we moved near the end of 2016 to the beautiful city of Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

What is my background?
I have a PhD in microelectronics from University College Cork. Furthermore, I am an experimental physicist with a Master’s degree in Physics from University of Oviedo.