X: Last things to consider

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Lasts parts worth mentioning when building a computer are the optical drives, UPSs (uninterruptible power supplies), fans, fan controllers and other modding components. Let’s see what are each of them to help you make a decision about if you need to get one of these for your computer.

Optical drives (BD/DVD/CD readers and writers): With the speeds achieve these days by the common internet connection I don’t think that any computer requires an optical drive as they used to.  Transport data by internet relying on the cloud these days is easy, fast and reliable and furthermore, the use of USB pen-drives of several gigabytes is a better way of transporting your data without internet. Very portable and way faster than waiting for the drive to burn the blank disk, pen-drives are the most common way to save data for a good reason. On the other hand, these drives are not very expensive so you may want to get one just in case. Of course, if you plan to see movies or use frequently optical disks, you should get one. They usually require a similar connection than your hard disk so just be sure that you can connect it to your motherboard and you’ll be ready.

UPS: This is the kind of gadget that you will miss only the certain times you need it. This power supply starts to work when your main supply source (usually the main power) fails. This small battery is not designed to keep you running for hours and it will only last a couple of minutes, allowing you just to save your work and turn off your computer or start an alternative power supply. So, do you need one? well, it depends on how much you have to worry about losing the job you are doing at the moment and how often that happens. If you have a home business and you usually do work in your desktop computer it may be a good idea just in case, but I don’t think that you really need it if you don’t have power outages normally.

These units aren’t cheap, but if you think that you will benefit with one of these to prevent any loss of your work, you can connect more than one device to the unit, so it may be useful for you getting one of these for more than one computer or device.

Fans, LEDs and fans controllers: This is for the people who wants to customize their computer but maybe don’t want to go very deep into modding. Modern computer cases have the capability of holding several fans to improve air flow inside the cabinet. This helps to cool down the computer and with the addition of fans that have LEDs you can customize the look of your computer. Fans controllers in addition help you to control the speed of the fans from your front panel using a bay as the optical drive, so make sure that you have room to fit one in your case if your get one of these.

Other modding component: There are so many and so different that you can expend a lot of time looking for them. These are usually to change how the computer looks and it don’t have a big impact on performance (although they can, as for example the addition of liquid cooling). Previous category of fans can be included here but the installation of a fan is quite straightforward. Some of this components however require deep knowledge about what you are doing.