How to build your dream computer!


Have you ever felt like there are so many things to know about computers that you can’t possibly figure out everything? I’ve have that feeling too, the amount of things you have to consider seems overwhelming. However, there is an easy way to find what computer you need and, if necessary, how to build it.

Be aware that this isn’t the usual guide about building a computers where technologies are discussed. The aim of this guide is to be useful no matter the current state of computers. In these series of posts I tell you everything you need to know to buy or build the computer that fits better your needs (or dreams). And I will tell you how to do it no matter what is the new thing for computers. Here is a summary of the steps you need to do:

I. The beginning, should you build it yourself?. Not everybody needs to build a computer. There are situations where the only reason to build a computer is because you enjoy it. Check here if there is additional benefits for you if you build your own computer.

II. The research phase, how to pick all your components. Internet gives you several options to learn more about all the components of you computer. This step could save a lot of time and a lot of headaches.

III. One space to place it all, the motherboard. The first step is to find a place to fit all the components, here you can learn all you need to know about the motherboard.

IV. Give it a brain: The CPU (and how to cool it). Choosing a CPU is not always about speed, there are additional features that you have to consider as well.

V. All about your data: RAM memory and hard disks. There are different places in a computer where your files are processed and stored, here you can see what you need, and how much you need.

VI. Beautiful visuals: the graphic card. You may no need a high end graphic card but there are several things to consider when selecting one. From integrated cards to high end, here you can see how to make a good choice.

VII. Going further, expansion cards. Anything else for your computer? here there are a few thing that you might want to add to your rig.

VIII. Make it beautiful, the case. An outstanding case says a lot about the care and effort the owner has put into his computer. Here are several things to consider about your future case.

IX. Give it power: Choose a PSU (power supply unit). Without power the computer is just an expensive combination of electronics that do nothing. Although not the hardest choice, a mistake selecting your PSU could give you a lot of troubles later.

X. More things to consider: Optical drives and more. Almost there, a couple of more things that aren’t that como these days, but you may want to think about so you are sure you make the right choice.

XI. Wrapping up the build with peripherals. Finally, your build is done, you just have to add the final peripherals and enjoy your new computre